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Why Let A Girl Like Irma Crash Your Wedding or Honeymoon!

Hurricane season can be catastrophic on your plans if you’re planning a destination wedding or a honeymoon in the Caribbean. The 2017 season saw 6 major hurricanes, it was the 5th most active season since 1851. The season goes from June 1st to November 30th. Did you know that September and October are the two most popular months to get married? That is the height of Hurricane Season, so, what is a bride to do?

If you’re planning a destination wedding or are planning to honeymoon in the Caribbean during Hurricane Season, when the hurricane strikes you have very few options. You can hunker down and wait for the storm to pass or try to fly out before the storm hits, which can be a whole other nightmare. There are so many unknowns, will you lose power? If so for how long? Will there be property damage at your resort? So much to think about, right?

Consider a cruise. There are many benefits to cruising during Hurricane Season here are a few:

Believe it or not you are safer at sea on a cruise during a hurricane than on land. Why? The captain keeps track of the storm and will reroute to avoid any danger. You will NEVER go through a hurricane on a cruise. Therefore, no power outages, no structural damage. Instead you will still have a memorable honeymoon, or destination wedding with good food, nice beaches and happy friends and family.

Also, you can save hundreds of dollars off your cruise by going during Hurricane Season. Back to School and Hurricane season almost go hand in hand, which means, ships are less crowded and have very few children aboard.

Keep in mind though that if the ship has to reroute you may not be able to visit the ports that you originally planned. However, sometimes you actually can visit the ports that you planned just in a different order, depending on the location of the storm.

What if you still want to have a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon on land during Hurricane Season? You do have other options.

The Southern Caribbean has a lower chance of being affected by tropical systems. Consider these islands Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, as well as, Aruba and Curacao. Central America is a good choice to, my colleague just had a beautiful destination wedding in Costa Rica. Panama is a good choice also. These destinations are rarely disrupted by tropical storms. You do have options. Choose wisely!

So, tell Irma, not your destination wedding or honeymoon, you got this.

Until next time remember Family is Everything!


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